Blue Cat is All Hat and No Cattle


Blue Cat read my blog on “You Are What You Want To Be, Not What You Are”  and decided that he wanted to be a Boy Scout leader. After all, his favorite blogger was telling him that he is not defined by his environment or current situation, and he thought that being a Boy Scout Leader would be cool. He even has the right hat…

Unfortunately, Blue Cat has fallen into a terrible trap – he wants to be known as a Boy Scout Leader, but he doesn’t have any of the skills he needs to be one. He’s “all hat and no cattle” – he talks big but doesn’t have what it takes to do the job. He looks good in the hat but doesn’t know anything about knots, camping, starting a fire, hiking, or any of the other things a Boy Scout leader needs to know. Poor Blue Cat…

Don’t fall into the same trap! If you want to be something new, take the time to learn the skills you need. Don’t be all hat and nothing else!

(No cats were harmed in the making of this blog, and Blue Cat is now happily hatless.)

© William P. Doyle, Jr.  2012


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