Ordo Ab Chao – Blue Cat gets Inspired


Blue Cat has been quite the traveler lately – can you guess where he took this picture?

Turning Chaos into Order

If you said “Spanish Fork, Utah” you’d be right – this is the famous (or infamous, if you live nearby) wind farm just off of Highway 6. Blue Cat likes it because it illustrates the power of strategic leadership, management, and engineering.

The “farm” is huge – not only in area (there are 12+ turbines) but in size (each is hundreds of feet tall) and scope. A leader had to have the vision to imagine such a project, and then motivate folks to make it happen. Management was needed to monitor and control all the actions necessary to realize that vision, and there was some amazing engineering done to design a system where the parts all work and the “farm” interacts correctly with its environment. If they could just have made the turbines a little quieter…

Blue Cat’s dream is to be a strategist – someone who combines leadership, management, and engineering into a new way of reaching goals – and this project shows him how possible that dream is. Stay tuned for more lessons he’s learned on how to make this happen.

Oh – and ordo ab chao is Latin for “order out of chaos” – quite appropriate for a project that takes something as random as the wind and turns it into useful electricity.

© William P. Doyle, Jr.  2012


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