Blue Cat Plans Ahead


Blue Cat has a vision of what his holidays will be like. He’s big on vision, but he’s learned the hard way that having a vision (or a strategic plan) doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get executed. He knows he needs to be a manager to make sure that things get done, so he’s getting ready to make his vision a reality. First he needs some resources…


A pumpkin for Halloween

Resources – check! But he also needs to pull his team together…


Blue Cat and a key holiday team member

Critical team members – check! Blue Cat is getting there – now he just needs to find a turkey that doesn’t mind giving its all for the team.

Blue Cat is getting his resources and team together, but can he monitor progress and control the action like the manager he needs to be? And does he have a firm grip on the requirements he needs to meet? He needs to bring it all together like the strategist he wants to be.

Stay tuned and see how Blue Cat’s holiday plans turn out.

© William P. Doyle, Jr.  2012


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