Blue Cat Finds an Unlikely Friend


Blue Cat got an email the other day challenging him to have his next adventure somewhere in the very heart of his home to explore the “nooks and crannies” of his favorite living spaces. That way he could then explore somewhere new and exciting to learn how precious those homey places are. So Blue Cat went looking for a really cuddly place at home.

He discovered that the warmest and cuddliest place in his house is with his friend Bosco. You might think that Bosco wouldn’t be a good friend for Blue Cat – him being a cat and looking like a  chew toy – but Bosco is very mild mannered and knows a friend from a toy. And he is very warm and cuddly.


Blue Cat and Bosco

Blue Cat likes being with Bosco because he feels safe – Bosco can protect him from many dangers, and his barking will bring more help when needed. It’s a good thing that Blue Cat knows that stereotypes are stupid, or he would have missed out on a good friend.

Blue Cat recommends viewing everyone with a fresh look – who are you eliminating from your life on the mistaken idea that they “aren’t your type?”

And leave him a comment if you have a story like his to tell.

© William P. Doyle, Jr.  2012


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