Blue Cat and The Life of Pi


Blue Cat is really excited about the movie “The Life of Pi” -one of the major roles is played by a cat! So he went to the theater yesterday to see one of the first showings.


Blue Cat believes the unbelievable!

He wasn’t disappointed, either. Not only did the tiger put in an impressive performance, he also did his own stunts and showed at the end the aloofness that is the hallmark of all great cats (large and small/blue/crocheted).


Watching in 3D is like being IN the movie!

Blue Cat heartily recommends this movie – it was thought provoking and beautifully filmed, and kept his attention for all 2+ hours.

And it was even more fun finding some new friends who like to dress up like the characters…


Blue Cat and some diehard Richard Parker fans

So go see it – and dress up like your favorite zoo animal! Blue Cat would like to see pictures of you and hear how you liked the movie.

© William P. Doyle, Jr  2012  All rights reserved


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