Blue Cat Rescues a Refugee


Blue Cat had the opportunity to rescue a refugee from the Christmas season. Most years, all the “Christmas Decorations” (things that are wintery and Christmas-y) go back into storage at the start of the new year, but this year was different.

You see, Blue Cat made a new friend, and he wanted to let him enjoy being out and about for more than a few weeks…


Blue Cat and Blue Bird

Blue Bird is from Pier One, and usually only comes out in December. But this year Blue Cat figured that the house could use another bird that bobbed. (Bobbing Bird having had an accident with a granite countertop and having to retire from the bobbing business.) And he learned an important lesson – why arbitrarily resign interactions with people to just one part of the year? It’s just plain silly.

Are there people you only see during the holidays, or only communicate with via Christmas Cards and family newsletters? Blue Cat suggests that you keep in contact with them all year round, and try to make your “occasional” relationships more perennial. It’ll be more fun!

© William P Doyle, Jr 2013 All Rights Reserved


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