Blue Cat Hides Out


Sometimes you just need to stay out of dangerous situations. You might think you can handle things, but why take the chance? If you’re trying to lose weight, you just don’t need that pack of Oreos staring at you every time you open the cupboard, and you don’t need to go out for a loaf of bread if it’s blizzarding outside.

Blue Cat was in the same situation this weekend. He wanted to hang out around the house, but there was danger there. Danger in the form of a seemingly cute 2-year-old. Danger that looked like this:


Wanted for Crocheted Cat Kidnapping

She may look cute, but she’s been known to kidnap crocheted cats and give them too many hugs. So Blue Cat stayed out of trouble – waaaaay out of trouble – by keeping his distance from danger.


Is it safe to come down yet?

So do yourself a favor and stay out of danger’s way. You – like Blue Cat – will be glad you did.

© William P Doyle, Jr  2013  All Rights Reserved


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