What is Blue Cat Traveling In?


Blue Cat is going on a “business trip” (as if he every really works) and wanted to take the most unusual mode of transportation he could find. He looked at a lot of conveyances, and thought this one would be really cool…


Notice the double-hull construction and the convenient access port. And it has a great viewport as well…


The question is – will it get him to where he wants to go? If you’re thinking a trip under the ocean to the sea floor, you’re close. There’s only one problem – which Blue Cat discovered when he examined the controls of his new vehicle…


It’s really just a bread maker – it makes great bread, but doesn’t move (except when it wobbles across the counter). It would be good for warming up and maybe a fun ride, but it won’t get him anywhere interesting. Poor Blue Cat!

Do you ever get excited about something new, only to find that it isn’t what you really need? Let Blue Cat know by leaving him a comment. He’ll reply when he can – he’s found another way to get to where he wants to go…


To be continued…

© William P Doyle, Jr  2013  All rights reserved


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