Blue Cat Makes It Home


In his last blog Blue Cat was having a great time in Virginia but was wondering how he would get home. He had a couple of choices…


Decisions, decisions…

There was the carry-on bag that would go in the overhead, the gate-check suitcase that would travel in the baggage compartment, or the trash can that would end up who-knows-where. Or he could ship himself  via UPS.


UPS means a driver and a personal cabin!

Ah – UPS! A personal cabin, with a professional driver, and door-to-door service! Sounds like the best idea, right? Luckily, Blue Cat didn’t choose that option (he went for the carry-on baggage instead).

Here’s what he found when he got home – a sample of what can happen when you travel by UPS. Note the boot print on the top of the box.


Travel via UPS is more dangerous than it sounds!

So Blue Cat made it back safely to Colorado. And, to celebrate, he went to one of his favorite places. Check in next time and find out where that is…

© William P Doyle, Jr  2013  All Rights Reserved


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