Blue Cat Enjoys His Trip


Blue Cat doesn’t like traveling as much as you might think. He misses being with his family, and things can be pretty dull after a long day of meetings. However, there are two benefits – service and sleep.

Blue Cat’s house gets really busy with so many folks in it. With four people, three dogs, five fish, and a lot of stuffed animals, things also tend to get messy. But it’s a lot easier to keep things neat when the cleaning staff comes in every day at the hotel.


And then there’s sleeping. At home Blue Cat rarely gets to sleep in a bed, because the dogs get there first and Blue Cat has a remarkable resemblance to a dog toy. But at the hotel he can jump into bed early and enjoy a soft mattress and fluffy pillows.


Just right for catching some Z’s

So traveling has its plusses. And Blue Cat loves coming home, too!

How do you like traveling for work?

(c) William P Doyle, Jr. 2013 All Rights Reserved


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