Blue Cat does a Yarn Crawl


Blue Cat likes yarn. So when he heard that there was a “yarn crawl” going on in Colorado, he was more than excited. He was all in to do this thing.

So what is a yarn crawl? It’s where shops that sell yarn and other fiber-craft tools and materials have a time where they have special displays, sales, and contests. The Yarn Along the Rockies yarn crawl had 23 shops participate this year, from Boulder in the north to Colorado Springs in the south. And it was a lot of fun.

Blue Cat’s knitting friends usually don’t take him along (he’s getting a little big for the current crop of purses), but he did get to see some of the crawl first-hand:

Blue Cat at the Knit Knook

Blue Cat at the Knit Knook

Yarn Transportation

Yarn Transportation

Everyone loves a sale!

Everyone loves a sale!

A grand Grand Prize

A grand Grand Prize

But the coolest thing was that each shop gave out a button with their shop name on it. The buttons could be put on a cloth bag that had all the shops on it, or they could be worn as a badge of accomplishment. Here’s Blue Cat with his favorite – it has a cute cat on it (and everyone likes cute cats).

Pins are cool!

Buttons are cool!

The yarn crawl was a lot of fun, and everyone had a good time. Blue Cat is looking forward to next year’s, and would love to hear about your yarn crawl experiences.

© William P Doyle, Jr  2013  All Rights Reserved


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