Blue Cat’s Driving Tips for the First Snow of the Season


As you probably know, Blue Cat lives in Colorado. You’d think that would mean lots of snow, but it’s been pretty dry and warm so far this fall. Until today.

Here are some shots from Blue Cat’s front porch proving that it does snow in Colorado:


Winter comes to Colorado


Sitting in the snow is not a good idea…

Blue Cat takes a drive every morning, and this morning’s outing reminded him of a few things that everyone should think about when they’re driving in snow:

  • Four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive help you go when it’s slippery, but they don’t help you stop. Slow down!
  • An icy hill means that you might not be able to go up. Pick another route if you don’t have all four wheels pulling you.
  • Curbs and front ends don’t mix. Don’t assume the car will turn when you tell it to.
  • If you don’t clear your windows, you can’t see. And if you can’t see, you can’t drive.
  • A snow brush/ice scraper is a good thing to have. It’s an even better thing to have in your car. (And not buried in your garage.)
  • Even if you are driving safely, the other guy may not be. Give everyone plenty of room and let them take the right of way.
  • Everyone realizes that bad weather means you may be late. Get started early and take your time – but it’s better to be late if it means you’re safe.

And did Blue Cat mention to slow down?

Wintery weather is really fun – it leads to skiing and snowboarding and sledding. And it looks really cool. Blue Cat just reminds you to be careful and courteous when you’re driving.

Got any cool pictures of winter in your neighborhood? Send them to Blue Cat by clicking here and he’ll add them to his post.

© William P Doyle, Jr  2013  All Rights Reserved


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