Special Post: Blue Cat Defrosts a Turkey


Blue Cat’s family is having a big Thanksgiving this year. Really big – with 14 family members (everyone except Blue Cat’s creator, who is still on her mission in California). That means Blue Cat needs turkey – lots of turkey – to feed all those hungry mouths. So Blue Cat bought two 18-pound turkeys on Saturday.


But Blue Cat had a problem – all the store had left were frozen turkeys. And, although the wrapper says that an 18-pound turkey will defrost in the refrigerator in 4 days, Blue Cat didn’t believe it. Especially since one of the turkeys would be in the refrigerator in the garage, where the outside temperature is below freezing.

Luckily, Blue Cat understands thermodynamics. He knew that he needed the turkey in a warm place, but needed to keep it cool so it wouldn’t spoil. How to transfer heat  while keeping things cool? With a bucket of water.

Blue Cat found the right bucket at Lowe’s – but the 5-gallon orange ones at Home Depot would work as well.


He put the turkey in the bucket and then filled the bucket with cold water. Now, the water would warm from contact with the side of the bucket, but the water would be cooled by the ice-cold turkey. Heat would flow into the turkey from the warm house air through the water, ensuring that the turkey never got too warm.

A pretty good solution, but those of you who know turkeys are probably laughing because you know … that turkeys float:


Not good for Blue Cat – that part of the turkey that’s above the water line will get to room temperature quickly and start to spoil. What Blue Cat needed was something heavy and waterproof – like a tub of home-made soap:


The tub holds the turkey under the water, and Blue Cat gets to sit in a cool place. And the soap just goes along for the ride.

Blue Cat is looking forward to Thanksgiving and all that turkey – especially since most of his family will be there to share it with him. What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?

© William P Doyle, Jr  2013  All Rights Reserved


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