Blue Cat Finds Inspiration


Blue Cat has been having some trouble blogging lately. Mostly because he’s been busy supporting his scribe in his new job as well as keeping track of all the cookies that are in the house. But Valentine’s Day changed all of that.

You see, Blue Cat’s scribe brought home a gift for Mrs. Scribe from Virginia for Valentine’s Day. Not a big gift – unfortunately, he didn’t go to Jarod’s – but it was cute and something she liked. And it really caught Blue Cat’s attention.

You see, Blue Cat has been in a rut lately, and he needed some inspiration. And then this lovely person came into his life:


She’s not only beautiful, but she’s smart as well (you can tell by the glasses). She was born in China, is very well traveled, and has lots of interesting stories from her time living in a gift shop at Dulles International Airport. And she’s frugal, too – she was the best part of a big sale.

What Blue Cat learned was that sometimes you just need to make new friends in order to get out of the rut you might be in. And new friends can come from anywhere – work, church, school, or that gift shop across the country. Try talking to new people and see how they view the world; it will make you think more and be a more interesting person. At least that’s what Blue Cat hopes…

© William P Doyle  2014  All Rights Reserved


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