Blue Cat Gets What He Needs – Not What He Wants


Blue Cat likes his music. He’s particularly partial to the band Evanescence and the musical Wicked, but he listens to lots of things. And so he needed a music player so he could listen to his tunes on the go.

Let everyone else, Blue Cat wants the latest technology. Unfortunately, Blue Cat doesn’t have  a lot of money, so instead of going out and buying the latest iPod (he’s a bit Apple fan), he had to find a music player that would meet his needs but wouldn’t cost him much (or anything). One that would hold a couple albums worth of music, be easy to control (and without a touch screen – Blue Cat isn’t made out of conductive yarn) and be really small (since Blue Cat is really small as well). And here’s what he found:


That’s right – it’s a 2nd-generation iPod shuffle. You can see that it meets Blue Cat’s needs – it holds multiple albums, has simple controls, and it’s relatively small. “But it’s old!” you say. Why would Blue Cat be happy with something that’s so obsolete? Doesn’t he deserve the latest technology?

Blue Cat does deserve the latest technology, and he doesn’t want something people will think is old. But he also realizes that he doesn’t need the latest. Why pay $49 for a 4th generation Shuffle when the only major difference from the 2nd gen iPod he can get from his scribe is VoiceOver (allowing him to hear the names of songs, artists, and playlists). That’s cool, but it’s something he doesn’t need. He already knows the names of his favorite songs, only listens to 2 artists, and only has one playlist. And the iPod he found is his favorite color (blue).

So the next time you want something, be like Blue Cat and don’t just get the latest and greatest, but only what you need. It’ll save you money for the other things you need – like yarn cleaner and extra fiberfill.

© William P Doyle  2014  All Rights Reserved


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