Blue Cat Changes His Plan



If you’re wondering where Blue Cat’s picture is today, you need to know that Blue Cat loves snow, but doesn’t like driving in it. So today he’s hiding in his creator’s purse – because today Blue Cat learned that a plan is not a recipe, but a guide.

That will take a bit of explaining. Blue Cat is in Provo, Utah picking up some of his friends from college (BYU to be exact), and like always he made a plan on how the trip would go. He was going to drive out on Friday, do some sightseeing on Saturday, and then drive back to Colorado on Sunday. A nice, relaxing trip – but then the snow came.

Unknown to Blue Cat, there’s a front going through the West, and it’s going to dump a lot of snow on the mountain passes on Saturday night and Sunday (or not – you can never tell in Colorado). And so driving home on Sunday will be very difficult. But Blue Cat has a plan, he says! Blue Cat can’t go against the plan!

Well – plans are just that – plans. It’s easier to always follow the plan, but things change and usually in ways that the plan can’t handle. So while having a plan is a good thing, you also need to know when to improvise as things change.

Blue Cat also knows that making a plan helps you to improvise. For example, even though he has to leave a day early, Blue Cat already has a good route picked out and knows where all the good places to eat are. And he knows he’ll be home in time for snacks.

So try to plan your projects like Blue Cat, but don’t worry if the plan has to be sidelined when things change. And have a great week!

UPDATE: Blue Cat learned another important lesson on this trip – that you can’t second-guess a decision made in the past. You see, he made the decision to drive home early based on the information he had at the time – that the weather would be really bad over the passes on Sunday. He missed all of the snow, but it turns out the storm wasn’t nearly as bad as predicted. So he could have stayed in Provo another day without too much trouble. But does this mean he made a bad decision? No, because the decision he made was based on his knowledge at the time and so it was a good decision. So – no worries for Blue Cat. And he’s safely home in Colorado!

(C) William P Doyle, Jr 2014 All Rights Reserved


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