The Truth About the Sphinx


Blue Cat’s scribe has been a great many places – one of which is Egypt. While there, he was able to see one of Blue Cat’s favorite monuments, the Great Sphinx, in person. Blue Cat found the pictures from the trip the other day and was very excited, because the Sphinx is supposedly the body of a cat (which is quite exciting when you’re a cat) with the head of a person (some pharaoh – not so exciting when you’re a cat). Here’s what it looks like if you’re one of the three people on the Internet that has never seen the Sphinx:


A classic profile of a cat-like creature – very inspiring to a cat such as Blue Cat. But then Blue Cat learned the awful truth – the Sphinx wasn’t modeled after a cat, but something else entirely. Something sinister in cat-land. This picture tells the story:


Yes – the Sphinx is really modeled after a dog – a dog like Blue Cat’s friend Teddy. Notice the same pose, the same profile, and the same regal manner. Very disappointing.

Except everyone at Blue Cat’s house thinks that Teddy is part cat…

What do you think?

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The Scribe and The Sphinx


2 thoughts on “The Truth About the Sphinx

  1. So I love your new posting more often, but your new layout is having some issues. The text is wrapping funny around the pictures on my computer. Looks great on my phone though! Also I liked it when your banner was at the top of the page, better than at the side of the page. But it is much better for mobile viewing now.

    • Blue Cat says “I noticed the same kinds of troubles last night after I scheduled my post. Thanks for letting me know – I think I’ll have my scribe find another theme for my site.”

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