Blue Cat Goes to the Ball Game


Colorado Springs has a minor league baseball team – the Sky Sox – and it’s a lot of fun to go to their games. The baseball action is usually pretty exciting (for baseball anyway; you don’t see no-hitters here) and there’s lots of cool food to eat. And Blue Cat likes to go so he can make it rain.


Another wet day at “Security Service Field”

You see, every time Blue Cat’s family goes to a baseball game, it rains. They do this as a service to Colorado Springs (which doesn’t get enough rain) and to show their support for the local team. Plus the games are fun even if you’re slightly damp.

(You’ll notice that none of the pictures at the stadium include Blue Cat. That’s because he hides when it rains – otherwise someone might want to use his crocheted absorbent self to help dry the seats.)

Baseball games at Security Service Field are really social events. (It was Sky Sox Stadium before Security Service Federal Credit Union bought it – Blue Cat likes the old name better.) People come to hang out with their friends, eat tasty junk food, and catch the occasional foul ball. They also watch the game, but we all know that baseball moves really slow.

Here’s a picture of one of Blue Cat’s friends – the Sky Sox mascot Sox the Fox. He usually leads the cheers for the team and hands out prizes – and he’s always ready to sign an autograph.


Sox the Fox making the rounds…

And prizes are what it’s all about for Blue Cat. Since it was raining, they handed out (actually – threw into the crowd) some rain ponchos. Blue Cat’s family got two – here’s what they look like.


A Sky Sox rain poncho – delivered just in time!

So if your town needs rain and has a minor league baseball team, invite Blue Cat and his family to a game. It’ll be fun, and everyone with a lawn or garden will appreciate the favor.

© William P Doyle, Jr  2014  All Rights Reserved


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