Blue Cat Comes Back


Blue Cat has been away from his blog for a very, very long time. A change in jobs by his scribe and a lot of family events (including a cross-country road trip, a wedding and two funerals) kept him from focusing on writing. And then there was his surgery…

You see, Blue Cat is made out of yarn and fiberfill, so he has always been very floppy (or “flexible” if you want to be kind). As he’s gotten older he’s gotten more “flexible” and recently he couldn’t even sit up without a lot of support.

Not even able to stand!

Before: Blue Cat always has to lean on something!

So he decided to get a backbone.

Here’s Blue Cat now, immediately after his surgery (you can see the prosthetic materials and surgical tools that his doctor used):

After surgery...

After: “I can sit up on my own!”

Blue Cat is feeling much better and is ready for an exciting Fall that he can share with you. And he’ll also be telling you about his busy year so far, so stay tuned!

© William P Doyle, Jr  All Rights Reserved  2015


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