Blue Cat Sees Batman and Superman (and someone even better)


“Batman vs Superman” is all the rage here in Colorado, so Blue Cat went to see what all the fuss was about. He doesn’t want to give away any secrets – not that anyone who is going to see the film hasn’t already done so – but he found it very dark. Both literally and figuratively. Not only was the story very gritty, but most of the scenes were shot without a lot of light, making it hard for Blue Cat to see what was actually going on. But it was still a lot of fun.

And that’s because there was a third superhero in the movie – someone that Blue Cat has been waiting for for a long time. Can you tell who that might be?

Yes – Blue Cat is a big fan of Wonder Woman – and would have been since the Linda Carter days if he had been around back then. It’s great when a movie has a female character who can not only take care of herself, but can save someone as tough as Batman (oops – a bit of a spoiler there) and look good while they’re doing it. Can you guess who Blue Cat’s other favorite superheroes are?

Yes – not only Black Widow (bad person turned good – Blue Cat can’t wait for her backstory), but also another hero who saves Batman…

She even gets to drive a cool motorcycle-looking-thing-with-guns! She seems to like black, but Blue Cat is hoping she also likes blue (cats, that is).

So what did you think about the Batman vs Superman movie? And who is your favorite superhero? Let Blue Cat know!

Until next time…

(c) William P Doyle, Jr. 2016. All Rights Reserved


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