Blue Cat Visits New Hampshire


It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes Blue Cat gets to travel. Usually it’s to someplace in Colorado or Utah, but this week it was to the far off land of New Hampshire. Given that he’s never been to New England, Blue Cat jumped at the chance to see somewhere new. And new it was!

No – the trees aren’t really small in New Hampshire, nor has Blue Cat put on a few inches of height. He just happened to get really close to the camera since he wanted everyone to see how excited he was to be there.

New Hampshire is a beautiful place, especially when the leaves on the trees are changing color (which they are now). Blue Cat’s friends tell him that this part of New Hampshire was mostly farmland in the 1700’s, but that people moved west because the soil here is mostly rocks. (You see a lot of rock walls in New Hampshire.) So the forests reclaimed the farmland, and today the whole state is mostly trees. That’s a lot of trees with leaves that change color!

New Hampshire is also very rural – the towns aren’t very big and there’s lots of space between them. That’s not to say that there aren’t restaurants, shops and other businesses – it’s just that they’re a lot more spread out than in Blue Cat’s Colorado. His scribe even found a mall  – The Mall of New Hampshire – that had a Macy’s, a Penney’s and a Sears. Plus an Apple Store just to prove that New Hampshire-ites (or is it New Hampshire-ers?) are up with the times. One of the stores still had a big sign for Galaxy Note 7’s, though, so they might be a bit behind the times here.

Blue Cat thinks New Hampshire is a great place, although he has heard that it snows a lot here. He’s looking forward to another visit soon.

Where have you been lately that’s new and exciting? Blue Cat really wants to know.

(C) William P Doyle, 2016, All Rights Reserved


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