Blue Cat Takes a Flight


Hi! Blue Cat here. In my last post I shared my impressions of New Hampshire, but the story does not end there. I needed to get home to Colorado, so I made a reservation to fly Carry-On Class on United Airlines. For those of you who don’t know, Carry-On Class is just like First Class, except there are no free drinks, no food, and you travel stuffed in a bag in the overhead. Or at someone’s feet if you’re particularly unlucky and are in Boarding Group 3 or 4. Which I was…


As it turned out, I was extremely lucky. There was one seat left open on the flight, so I was able to fly Small Cat Class. Not only are there free drinks and free food, but I had a spacious seat all to myself. As you can see, Small Cat Class includes an enourmous amount of leg room – if you’re a small, crocheted cat.

In comparison, here’s what the legroom looks like for someone flying Economy Class:

United Airlines is one of the few airlines that provides you with a choice of food – a cookie or some pretzels – but on this flight they had a special snack mix that was more than a meal for someone who watches his weight like I do. Here I am with my meal, served in a special fold-out dining room that you only get in Small Cat Class.

After that I was treated to a big screen music video. Can you guess who my favorite artist is?

All in all it was a great trip, although I did have to go back into the bag at the end of the flight. (Scribe’s Note: the seat belts on airplane seats can’t restrain Blue Cat’s awesomeness in the case of a rough landing.) Next stop – Chicago!

I’d love to hear about how you’ve traveled lately – car, boat, train or rocket? Drop me a line and let me know.

Your traveling friend,

Blue Cat

(C) William P Doyle, Jr. 2016. All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Blue Cat Takes a Flight

  1. I recently drove forty five minutes with two goats in the back of my van. The goats found the jack and kicked it around the entire way, which was loud and scary, so they tried to climb up in the front to ride shotgun. This went poorly for everyone involved. 😀

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