Blue Cat and the Christmas List


Blue Cat is feeling much better – not only did he get a some more readers and a couple of comments on Facebook, but he learned a really important lesson. And that lesson is that part of getting what you want is letting people know what it is you want.

It might seem like it’s rude to ask for things, but think about it – if you don’t tell people what you want or need, they won’t know how to help you. Blue Cat wanted more people to read his blog, but his friends couldn’t help him reach that goal if they didn’t know it’s something he wanted. Most folks are willing to help, but they’re not mind readers. They need some clues.

So Blue Cat is asking everyone to do one thing this holiday season – make sure your gift-giving friends know what you want so they don’t have to guess. Make a list, just like Blue Cat is going to…

And have a really great holiday!

(C) William P Doyle, Jr 2016 All Rights Reserved


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