A Crochet Crèche Christmas


Blue Cat is a fan of all things crocheted – whether they be hats, blankets or small blue cats. So when he went to his scribe’s church’s crèche exhibit last week he was really excited to see some impressive crocheting skills.

For those of you who don’t know, a crèche is a representation of the Christmas manger scene – usually with a stable, Mary and Joseph, and the Christ child. Blue Cat has seen them done in lots of materials – wood, stone, glass, ceramic and even marshmallows. But never like this time, when there were some beautiful crèches made from yarn.

This one was probably the most detailed; note the faces on the people and the kneeling donkey:

This one is more child-like, with the happiest baby Jesus Blue Cat has ever seen:

But this one is Blue Cat’s favorite, mostly because of the angel in the upper portion of the stable and how everyone is facing the baby Jesus:

This display really got Blue Cat and his family in the Christmas spirit and ready to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. And Blue Cat hopes you’re having a great holiday as well!

(C) William P Doyle, Jr. 2016 All Rights Reserved


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