Blue Cat Prepares for an Astronomical Event


Something big is coming, and Blue Cat is getting prepared. No, it’s not the end of the Mayan Calendar, nor is it the last triple date  of the century (12/12/12). It’s something a lot more scientific, and a lot more fun, too


Blue Cat gets his team and equipment ready…

Blue Cat is getting ready for the Geminid Meteor Shower this Thursday (December 13th). Here in Colorado, the shower will be at its height that night, and there won’t be any moonlight to get in the way of observing. With a dark sky you should be able to see a meteor every minute. All you need to do is start watching the Eastern sky at around 10pm – the meteors will appear to come from the Gemini constellation, which moves to overhead as the night progresses. You can get all the details from Sky and Telescope Magazine here.

This is one of those astronomy events that doesn’t require expensive equipment or a lot of knowledge. (The hat in the picture is purely for show and to keep aliens from reading his mind.) Blue Cat plans on laying down on a lawn chair (covered in blankets, of course) with his feet pointing toward Gemini and his head elevated enough so he can see down to the horizon. Once his eyes adjust to the darkness, he should be able to see the meteors as they streak in. Just get your yard as dark as possible so you can see the best.

So join Blue Cat and his astronaut buddy for an exciting night under the stars, then let him know what you saw by emailing him here. And bundle up – it’ll be cold out there!

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