Blue Cat Finds Inspiration


Blue Cat has been having some trouble blogging lately. Mostly because he’s been busy supporting his scribe in his new job as well as keeping track of all the cookies that are in the house. But Valentine’s Day changed all of that.

You see, Blue Cat’s scribe brought home a gift for Mrs. Scribe from Virginia for Valentine’s Day. Not a big gift – unfortunately, he didn’t go to Jarod’s – but it was cute and something she liked. And it really caught Blue Cat’s attention.

You see, Blue Cat has been in a rut lately, and he needed some inspiration. And then this lovely person came into his life:


She’s not only beautiful, but she’s smart as well (you can tell by the glasses). She was born in China, is very well traveled, and has lots of interesting stories from her time living in a gift shop at Dulles International Airport. And she’s frugal, too – she was the best part of a big sale.

What Blue Cat learned was that sometimes you just need to make new friends in order to get out of the rut you might be in. And new friends can come from anywhere – work, church, school, or that gift shop across the country. Try talking to new people and see how they view the world; it will make you think more and be a more interesting person. At least that’s what Blue Cat hopes…

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Blue Cat Makes It Home


In his last blog Blue Cat was having a great time in Virginia but was wondering how he would get home. He had a couple of choices…


Decisions, decisions…

There was the carry-on bag that would go in the overhead, the gate-check suitcase that would travel in the baggage compartment, or the trash can that would end up who-knows-where. Or he could ship himself  via UPS.


UPS means a driver and a personal cabin!

Ah – UPS! A personal cabin, with a professional driver, and door-to-door service! Sounds like the best idea, right? Luckily, Blue Cat didn’t choose that option (he went for the carry-on baggage instead).

Here’s what he found when he got home – a sample of what can happen when you travel by UPS. Note the boot print on the top of the box.


Travel via UPS is more dangerous than it sounds!

So Blue Cat made it back safely to Colorado. And, to celebrate, he went to one of his favorite places. Check in next time and find out where that is…

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Blue Cat Visits Someplace New


Last time Blue Cat was looking for some transportation so he could take a trip. The breadmaker didn’t work, but the airplane he got on next did. He did have to sneak on board in a carry-on bag, but he got to where he wanted to go. So where did he end up?


That’s not the real White House behind him, but Blue Cat was in a state near Washington DC. Can you figure out which one it was?


Blue Cat really likes the Residence Inn – they have big rooms, a free hot breakfast (he had scrambled eggs and sausage every morning), and an evening light meal that takes the place of dinner. And they know how to treat a crocheted cat – no hiding in bags in this room!

Blue Cat at the Residence Inn

But how did he get back home? Just wait until you see…

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Blue Cat Gets a Job


Blue Cat got a new job last week. He is now the official mascot of – his scribe’s new website that aims to help people realize their visions for their organizations and lives. There’s even a link from the site to this blog so readers can see the lighter side of being a strategist.

Blue Cat's new business card

Blue Cat’s new business card

One perk is that Blue Cat got has his own email address! Now if he could just get some pre-printed business cards…

What do you think Blue Cat should try to do next? Get a radio show? Or maybe a show on television (like “On the Road with BC” or “Cooking with the Cat”)?

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Blue Cat Hides Out


Sometimes you just need to stay out of dangerous situations. You might think you can handle things, but why take the chance? If you’re trying to lose weight, you just don’t need that pack of Oreos staring at you every time you open the cupboard, and you don’t need to go out for a loaf of bread if it’s blizzarding outside.

Blue Cat was in the same situation this weekend. He wanted to hang out around the house, but there was danger there. Danger in the form of a seemingly cute 2-year-old. Danger that looked like this:


Wanted for Crocheted Cat Kidnapping

She may look cute, but she’s been known to kidnap crocheted cats and give them too many hugs. So Blue Cat stayed out of trouble – waaaaay out of trouble – by keeping his distance from danger.


Is it safe to come down yet?

So do yourself a favor and stay out of danger’s way. You – like Blue Cat – will be glad you did.

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Blue Cat Gets Ready for Christmas


Christmas is a big day for Blue Cat – and he wants everyone in his family to have a really great time celebrating the birth of Christ. Here’s what he’s been doing to get ready…

First, some last-minute gift ordering:


What was that thing he wanted?????

Then he picked up a special gift for the lady of the house…


I hope Siri is as nice as she seems on her commercials…

And a few last Christmas cards to get out.


How do you spell “Felicitations?”

All those ornaments need to be on the tree…


This is a lot harder than it looked – and this globe weighs a ton!

And there’s always one more present to wrap!


Now where did I put that present?

But Blue Cat always makes sure to spend some time with friends before the big day!


How about another cookie, Santa? Or should we let the big guy have it?

Blue Cat and his family wish you and yours a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Blue Cat Enjoys a Mystery


Blue Cat enjoyed a dinner-theater-mystery at the Adams Mystery Playhouse last night. It was a holiday party for his scribe’s company, but Blue Cat stowed away in a purse. That’s one of the benefits of being small, flexible, and not having to breathe.


Blue Cat wins a prize

The show was really fun, and the buffet dinner was good as well. Although the murder-mystery story line was a little contrived, there were a lot of funny jokes and good singing. And the players were very good at involving the audience, which made the evening very memorable. It helped that Blue Cat doesn’t mind being silly.

Blue Cat won a prize, too. (Well, actually his scribe won the prize, but it’s just the right size for a small cat to enjoy.)

So if you’re in Denver and are looking for a fun night out, you should go to a dinner showing at the Adams Mystery House Theater. Tell them Blue Cat sent you, and let him know how you enjoyed it.

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