Blue Cat Gets Ready for Christmas


Christmas is a big day for Blue Cat – and he wants everyone in his family to have a really great time celebrating the birth of Christ. Here’s what he’s been doing to get ready…

First, some last-minute gift ordering:


What was that thing he wanted?????

Then he picked up a special gift for the lady of the house…


I hope Siri is as nice as she seems on her commercials…

And a few last Christmas cards to get out.


How do you spell “Felicitations?”

All those ornaments need to be on the tree…


This is a lot harder than it looked – and this globe weighs a ton!

And there’s always one more present to wrap!


Now where did I put that present?

But Blue Cat always makes sure to spend some time with friends before the big day!


How about another cookie, Santa? Or should we let the big guy have it?

Blue Cat and his family wish you and yours a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

© William P Doyle, Jr  2012  All Rights Reserved