Blue Cat Wishes You a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day


Today is St Patrick’s Day! Blue Cat met a pretty Irish Dancer who was on her way to dance in the St Patrick’s Day Parade yesterday:


Don't you love the hair?

The parade and shows she did were really fun and interesting, and Blue Cat learned some things about St Patrick. Did you know that he was taken prisoner from his home in Britain by Irish raiders when he was 16? And that he was a slave in Ireland for 6 years? After he escaped, he had a dream where an angel told him to return to Ireland as a missionary, which he did. He did such a good job that he’s now the patron saint of Ireland.

Blue Cat wishes you a very Happy St Patrick’s Day! Even if you’re not Irish (Blue Cat’s family is) you can still have fun and be inspired by a man who overcame great obstacles to fulfill his vision of sharing his religion with others.

Blue Cat thinks missionaries are cool!

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