Enter Blue Cat’s Disney Princess Contest


Blue Cat just returned from a fantastic vacation at the Disneyland Resort in California. In celebration, he is holding his first-ever Internet contest. Here’s the deal: The first five people to respond via email with the correct names of the princesses that Blue Cat met will receive an autographed picture of Blue Cat himself!

Send your answers (in order) to Blue Cat at blue.cat@thenewstrategist.com along with your mailing address. Blue Cat promises not to use your email or physical address for anything other than this contest, so you won’t get any spam (or Spam) from him.

Here are the pictures:

Princess #4 - Blue Cat's favorite!

Princess #1 – Blue Cat’s favorite because she wears blue and was the nicest!

Princess #3 - she's good at dancing with animals

Princess #2 – she’s good at dancing with animals

Princess #2 - Blue Cat offered to help clean her house

Princess #3 – Blue Cat offered to help clean her house

Princess #1 - she's not tired after her long nap

Princess #4 – she’s not tired after her long nap

Blue Cat really enjoyed meeting the princesses. They were all very nice, and several of them seemed very excited to meet Blue Cat. He even got a kiss from one of them!

Do you have any stories about meeting a Disney princess? If you do, please share them with us in the comments section. And don’t forget to email your contest entry to Blue Cat quickly so you can be one of the lucky five!

Good luck!

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Blue Cat Goes on Vacation


Blue Cat has been on vacation. Can you guess where?


He was hoping for Angelina Jolie but got this lady instead. She doesn’t look too happy, either.

(C) William P Doyle, Jr 2014 All Rights Reserved