Blue Cat Finds Inspiration


Blue Cat has been having some trouble blogging lately. Mostly because he’s been busy supporting his scribe in his new job as well as keeping track of all the cookies that are in the house. But Valentine’s Day changed all of that.

You see, Blue Cat’s scribe brought home a gift for Mrs. Scribe from Virginia for Valentine’s Day. Not a big gift – unfortunately, he didn’t go to Jarod’s – but it was cute and something she liked. And it really caught Blue Cat’s attention.

You see, Blue Cat has been in a rut lately, and he needed some inspiration. And then this lovely person came into his life:


She’s not only beautiful, but she’s smart as well (you can tell by the glasses). She was born in China, is very well traveled, and has lots of interesting stories from her time living in a gift shop at Dulles International Airport. And she’s frugal, too – she was the best part of a big sale.

What Blue Cat learned was that sometimes you just need to make new friends in order to get out of the rut you might be in. And new friends can come from anywhere – work, church, school, or that gift shop across the country. Try talking to new people and see how they view the world; it will make you think more and be a more interesting person. At least that’s what Blue Cat hopes…

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Blue Cat and Back to School


Blue Cat doesn’t go to school. Not that school isn’t cool – how could a place that teaches you new things and lets you be with your friends be anything but cool? The problem is that there are no schools in Colorado for crocheted cats, and so Blue Cat has to do all his learning on line.

But his household is teeming with school-goers, and so Blue Cat still gets to experience the “back to school” phenomena. The clothes, the supplies, the new schedules – they’re all quite exciting.


Pens, pencils, and erasers – plenty of erasers!

And sometimes things don’t go too well…


I’ve heard of “hitting the books,” but this is ridiculous!

And there are a few clothing items that you just can’t get enough of!


Ties are cool for school!

“Back to school” is exciting, but it’s a little sad as well. Blue Cat’s favorite high school student and Irish dancer went off to college this year, and Blue Cat and his friends are going to miss her. There just won’t be as much Pokemon fun at the house now that she’s gone.


We’ll all be a little blurry until Thanksgiving break…

Blue Cat is looking forward to a lot of exciting school adventures this year – vicariously of course – and hopes you have the same. And he reminds you to never stop learning!

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Blue Cat and the Law of Unintended Consequences


Blue Cat has been on vacation for the past 3 weeks, and he wanted to check out things around his house. So he went up to the top of the clock where he could see well.


Blue Cat needs the best view…

It was a great idea, but he forgot that this was also the place he goes to hide from his scribe’s granddaughter when she visits. And so when the other stuffed animals saw him up there, they thought a toddler visit was imminent. And they started to join him.


… and gets joined by some friends…


It’s getting a little crowded up here!

Blue Cat enjoyed the company, but Tux the penguin saw that there was a crowd and that they needed more cover. Which did not help Blue Cat at all with his view of the house.


Tux says, “This will hide us from the toddlers!”

As you can see, Tux’s action was super effective, but not in a way that helped. That’s what we mean by an unintended consequence! Blue Cat didn’t realize his action would be misinterpreted by others, and that their resulting actions would cause him so much trouble. He learned that leaders need to be clear in their example, and that followers need to ask instead of just assuming. Otherwise everyone just gets covered in trouble.

So be careful what you do, and make sure your friends don’t panic because of what they think is happening. And don’t let penguins get hold of camoflauge!

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Blue Cat Rescues a Refugee


Blue Cat had the opportunity to rescue a refugee from the Christmas season. Most years, all the “Christmas Decorations” (things that are wintery and Christmas-y) go back into storage at the start of the new year, but this year was different.

You see, Blue Cat made a new friend, and he wanted to let him enjoy being out and about for more than a few weeks…


Blue Cat and Blue Bird

Blue Bird is from Pier One, and usually only comes out in December. But this year Blue Cat figured that the house could use another bird that bobbed. (Bobbing Bird having had an accident with a granite countertop and having to retire from the bobbing business.) And he learned an important lesson – why arbitrarily resign interactions with people to just one part of the year? It’s just plain silly.

Are there people you only see during the holidays, or only communicate with via Christmas Cards and family newsletters? Blue Cat suggests that you keep in contact with them all year round, and try to make your “occasional” relationships more perennial. It’ll be more fun!

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Happy New Year from Blue Cat!


Blue Cat wishes you a very Happy New Year, and hopes that it is filled with family…


The Cat Family

…old friends…


Blue Cat and Bosco

…new friends…


Shiny is cool...

and a lot of exciting and cool adventures…


Above the clouds...

May 2013 be the best year ever for you and yours!

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Blue Cat Gets Ready for Christmas


Christmas is a big day for Blue Cat – and he wants everyone in his family to have a really great time celebrating the birth of Christ. Here’s what he’s been doing to get ready…

First, some last-minute gift ordering:


What was that thing he wanted?????

Then he picked up a special gift for the lady of the house…


I hope Siri is as nice as she seems on her commercials…

And a few last Christmas cards to get out.


How do you spell “Felicitations?”

All those ornaments need to be on the tree…


This is a lot harder than it looked – and this globe weighs a ton!

And there’s always one more present to wrap!


Now where did I put that present?

But Blue Cat always makes sure to spend some time with friends before the big day!


How about another cookie, Santa? Or should we let the big guy have it?

Blue Cat and his family wish you and yours a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Blue Cat Discovers the Meaning of Life


Today Blue Cat was looking for one of his creator’s old cookbooks so he could make popcorn truffles for Family Home Evening snack. He was in a real hurry, but he didn’t find the cookbook. He did, however, discover something about life in general…


It’s not with the other cookbooks…

What Blue Cat discovered is that sometimes what you’re doing becomes more important than the goal, and that it never pays to be in too much of a hurry.


It’s not with the pet supplies, either…

After a while he could have gotten frustrated, but the search became even more interesting than the cookbook.


Wow – there are a lot of interesting spices to try…

Although sometimes life can get a little dangerous…


Why is it so dark all of a sudden?

But he discovered hidden treasures…


Look! TWO boxes of fudge brownie mix!

… and he got reacquainted with some long lost friends.


“So – a sock monkey, a cat, and a bear went into a shawarma restaurant…”

In the end, he found something just as good as popcorn truffles.


Cookies and hot chocolate – I think that will do!

So remember what Blue Cat learned today – life is a journey, not a race. So take time to enjoy the journey, and don’t be so focused that you miss the interesting sidelights that are all around you. And remember that sometimes you need to keep the bigger vision in mind and improvise on how to measure success.

At least that’s what Blue Cat thinks!

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