Blue Cat Takes a Class



Blue Cat (and his scribe) signed up for WordPress’ Blogging 201 course, which is going to help them increase traffic to their blogs and build their blog brands. One of Blue Cat’s first assignments was to write down some goals for his blog – so here they are:

     1. Have 100 hits per week by June 1st
     2. Post 1 time a week in April and 2 times a week in May and June
     3. Create a weekly feature that links to his scribe’s blog on by May 15th

Blue Cat could use your help – especially with the first goal. Although he’s updating his site theme and blogging more, he would appreciate more readers. So – if you know anyone who would enjoy reading what Blue Cat has to say, please let them know where they can find this blog.

Blue Cat is looking forward to learning more ways to improve his blog, so stayed tuned for some exciting changes. And let him know what you think of his new site theme and if it looks good on the computer or mobile device you’re using.

Blue Cat says “Thanks” in advance!

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