Blue Cat Lets Things Soak


Blue Cat’s family had meat loaf for dinner the other night. Yummy meat loaf with carrots inside, and 3 kinds of ground meat. The problem is that yummy meat loaf takes a long time to cook, and the baking dish can get quite crusty…


Meat loaf can make quite a mess!

Blue Cat wanted to help clean up, but he’s not so good with scubbing things – his arms are small and rather weak. (Weak for a human, anyway – he’s quite strong for a crocheted cat!) So he had to use his brain to figure out how to make things easier. And he decided on soaking.


Once the baking dish had soaked in soapy water for an hour, it was really easy to clean. (Well, it would have been easy if it wasn’t so big.)



Blue Cat re-learned a lesson – sometimes you just have to let things sit for a while in order to overcome an obstacle or reach a goal. The trouble is this is really close to procrastination, which is just letting things sit (and they don’t get better). Think of what would have happened if Blue Cat had just let the baking dish sit. The meat loaf remains would have dried and hardened, and then they would have been impossible to get off.

So don’t just let things wait – do something to help progress to your goal, and then let time (and soap) make things easier for you.

Give it a try – and try Blue Cat’s meat loaf recipe at the same time:

Blue Cat’s Meat Loaf (from Kathy Doyle)

– 1.5 pounds ground beef
– 0.25 pounds ground pork
– 0.25 pounds ground turkey
– 2 eggs
– 1 pack of saltines (crushed really fine)
– 1 T worchestershire sauce
– 0.5 t sage
– 1 t salt
– 0.25 t pepper
– grated carrots (as much as you’d like)
– one small shallot (minced)

Mix it all together and make a loaf (but don’t pack the loaf too tight)
Cook at 350deg to 400deg until it’s 170 degrees inside (about an hour)
Cover with barbecue sauce for the last 10 minutes if you want.

Kathy’s Special Barbecue Sauce
– 1 bottle of catsup
– 0.5 cup honey
– 2 T soy sauce

© William P Doyle, Jr 2013 All Rights Reserved