Blue Cat Helps with the Prom


It was prom time at Blue Cat’s house recently – very exciting! Blue Cat wasn’t able to go to the prom (since he’s a little young for such activities), but he decided to help out by providing a car service for his scribe’s daughter and her friends so they could get there in style. He cleaned up the Excursion (the world’s largest SUV), got snacks and in-car movies together, and got a few of his friends to help out. (Don’t worry – he left the driving to his scribe.)

Here are some of the highlights:


The Blue Cat Car Service Crew

The Prom Team

The Prom Team

The Scribe's Daughter

The Scribe’s Daughter

You’ll notice Blue Cat isn’t in any of the pictures with the prom-goers. That’s because the leader of a good service team is invisible. They just make sure everything goes smoothly.

Everyone had a great time, and Blue Cat got to see some really dressed-up high school students.

Too bad the next prom at his house is in 2018!

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