Blue Cat Lives His Dream


Blue Cat went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival last Saturday. He was really excited to go, because one of his dreams is to be a knight and be the one to save a princess. Of course, he realizes this is impossible, since he lives in modern times and is just a small stuffed cat. Or is it?

First, he got to have his picture taken with the Lady Scribesdottir (yes, there’s some Scandinavian blood in the family), which let him pretend to be a knight:

Blue Cat always wanted to be a knight!

Blue Cat always wanted to be a knight!

He then  got to see a lot of great shows (his favorite was the juggler who was also an acrobat and fire-eater), and he got to see some knights do some jousting and sword fighting.


Blue Cat dreams of being a knight…

But then he really did get to save a damsel in distress! A beautiful princess (who looked a lot like Snow White) got really bored waiting for the jousting to begin, so Blue Cat played with her until the show started. And that made things a lot more fun for both her and her family…

Blue Cat saves the day!

Blue Cat saves the day!

Going to the festival was a great experience for Blue Cat. Besides having a lot of fun, Blue Cat discovered something important about himself. He found out that you can make your dreams come true. You can be a knight and save the day (if that’s your dream) even when you’re just a small stuffed cat. You just have to look for opportunities to help others, and not be afraid to do something outside your comfort zone. (Check out this blog for Blue Cat’s previous experience with the young princess.) He may not have a sword or armor or a title, but Blue Cat ended up saving the day – and so could you!

And don’t forget to go to the Colorado Renaissance Festival (weekends through August 4th in Larkspur, Colorado) for a great time!

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