Blue Cat Gets a Job


Blue Cat got a new job last week. He is now the official mascot of – his scribe’s new website that aims to help people realize their visions for their organizations and lives. There’s even a link from the site to this blog so readers can see the lighter side of being a strategist.

Blue Cat's new business card

Blue Cat’s new business card

One perk is that Blue Cat got has his own email address! Now if he could just get some pre-printed business cards…

What do you think Blue Cat should try to do next? Get a radio show? Or maybe a show on television (like “On the Road with BC” or “Cooking with the Cat”)?

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Blue Cat Does the Impossible


Sometimes things we want seem impossible. Whether it’s to grow you business by 50% or lose those 20 extra pounds, you can’t seem to get to where you want to be. Blue Cat had a goal like that – he wanted to meet the most famous of mythological creatures – Bigfoot. He knew lots of people had tried, but no one ever had. But, being the strategist that he is, Blue Cat made a plan…

First, Blue Cat had to engineer a solution that would get him what he wanted. He needed a search of a remote, wooded area – but one that he could get to easily. It would help if Bigfoot had been sighted there before. And he needed a way to lure the big guy into the open. His design – a search of the Pikes Peak National Forest around the Peak. It was fairly remote (you have to pay to get on the road, so that cuts down on the undedicated), easy to get to (Blue Cat lives in Colorado Springs and his scribe owns a big truck), and there have been reports of Bigfoot in that area. And he had a secret weapon to make Bigfoot feel safe to come out, as you’ll see later.

Next, he had to put together a team to help him find the elusive, hairy giant. (Blue Cat doesn’t move very fast on his own, and he’s a little short to be driving by himself.) He did that by making their goals match his vision – they wanted a trip to Pikes Peak, and he wanted to search the mountain forests. He then had to make sure they had the resources they needed – plenty of gas in the truck and plenty of battery in the cell phones (for documentation). And he needed to keep things under control – watching the time so there was plenty of light, and making sure his driver didn’t speed on the winding Pikes Peak Highway.

The result – success!

Blue Cat and the Big Guy

Blue Cat achieved his goal – and made a new friend – because he had a clear vision of what he wanted, expressed it in an audacious goal, and created a plan to make it happen. He also managed the execution of the plan so it would succeed (he saw the truck was low on gas and so he made his driver stop for more) and his design took into account both the environment (finding Bigfoot where he was) and an innovative approach to getting him to overcome his shyness (note the sign by the new friends).

You and I can do the same if we think like strategists and remember to lead, manage, and engineer.

So what “impossible” things do you want to do?

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Blue Cat gets Overwhelmed with Options


Blue Cat went to the dentist today. (Yes – he has teeth. He just doesn’t like to show them in public.) At the end of the visit, his dentist gave him some options for how to keep his teeth clean. Too many options…

Blue Cat and his Dental Care Options

Studies show that decision making is slowed down when there are too many options, and that we don’t always make the best decision if there are a lot of good things to choose from. Blue Cat has this problem – will he use floss, or soft-picks, or go-betweens, or the brush?  And what’s that lip balm for – he doesn’t even have lips! He’s in quite a quandary.

He really wants to keep his teeth clean, so he made a plan to make a good decision. What he did was to first limit his options to those that would work – get rid of the lip balm, and forego the toothbrush that’s waaaay to big for his mouth. He then comparde the remaining options two at a time (a “pairwise comparison), so each decision was simpler.

Blue Cat decided on the soft-picks – they fit his mouth and are the best to get at those hard-to-reach cake crumbs. But he’s keeping the brush in case he’s ever attacked by a set of wind-up chattering teeth.

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Ordo Ab Chao – Blue Cat gets Inspired


Blue Cat has been quite the traveler lately – can you guess where he took this picture?

Turning Chaos into Order

If you said “Spanish Fork, Utah” you’d be right – this is the famous (or infamous, if you live nearby) wind farm just off of Highway 6. Blue Cat likes it because it illustrates the power of strategic leadership, management, and engineering.

The “farm” is huge – not only in area (there are 12+ turbines) but in size (each is hundreds of feet tall) and scope. A leader had to have the vision to imagine such a project, and then motivate folks to make it happen. Management was needed to monitor and control all the actions necessary to realize that vision, and there was some amazing engineering done to design a system where the parts all work and the “farm” interacts correctly with its environment. If they could just have made the turbines a little quieter…

Blue Cat’s dream is to be a strategist – someone who combines leadership, management, and engineering into a new way of reaching goals – and this project shows him how possible that dream is. Stay tuned for more lessons he’s learned on how to make this happen.

Oh – and ordo ab chao is Latin for “order out of chaos” – quite appropriate for a project that takes something as random as the wind and turns it into useful electricity.

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