Blue Cat Discovers that “There’s Always a Bigger Cat”


Blue Cat was feeling a little inadequate today because of a new cat in the neighborhood. Blue Cat sees himself as pretty successful and very happy, but then he saw this guy putting in a new storm drain down the street…


Meet Yellow Cat…

At first Blue Cat felt bad because he wasn’t as big or strong as his new neighbor, but then he remembered what one of his favorite authors, Dr. Alan Weiss, says about comparing your success to others. “There’s always a bigger boat,” says Dr. Weiss, meaning that if you measure your success by how the things you have compare to others’, you’ll always be disappointed. And Blue Cat thinks that applies to personal capabilities as well.

Blue Cat knows he will never be able to dig giant trenches or lift concrete storm drain sections, but he also knows that’s he’s happy and successful in his own way. He has a loving family, a very popular blog (well, at least you’re reading it!), and a great job pointing out interesting things to others. Could he be stronger or bigger? Yes, but there will always be a bigger cat…

So the next time you feel low because there’s someone out there that’s better at something than you are, just remember that such will always be the case. Instead, focus on what you do well, improve where you can, and take pride in being the best you can be. That’s what Blue Cat does!

He is, however, thinking that a yellow tie would be great for Christmas.

© William P Doyle, Jr  2012  All Rights Reserved