Blue Cat Plans to Influence a Judge


Blue Cat’s scribe is testing for his 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo, and he’s really worried that he might get a “down-check” at his recommendation test this weekend. Becoming a 3rd degree black belt is serious business, and there’s lots of curriculum he needs to know. But Blue Cat has a plan…

Blue Cat thinks that the judges on the panel might be a little easier on the candidates if they aren’t hungry. And so he has a secret weapon:


They’re not quite Twinkies, but Blue Cat thinks they’ll do the job. Wouldn’t you be more favorable to giving a hard-working candidate a passing grade if you had one of these to calm your soul?

Blue Cat is also making his scribe study his curriculum, stay in good shape, and practice every day. So – knowledge, preparation, and practice – plus a secret weapon – should make it a successful test. What do you think?

(c) William P Doyle, Jr  2013  All Rights Reserved


Blue Cat Needs Some Help


Hi – this is Blue Cat.

My scribe has been very busy lately getting ready for his 3rd degree black belt test in Taekwondo, and he hasn’t had time to help me with my blog. So I need some help.

Here’s a picture of me with my new fez – a friend gave it to my scribe.


I need some blog ideas to go with this picture. Can you give me suggestions (or whole stories) by leaving me a comment on this blog? That way I’ll have something interesting in my post and my scribe can finish learning 17 poomse (forms), 5 kicking and blocking sets, 17 single stick moves, 2 bo staff routines, and a bunch of self-defense.


(c) Blue Cat 2013 (because crocheted cats have intellectual property rights too!)